I’ll walk forever with stories
inside me
that the people I love the most can never hear

So lately I’ve been seen Taylor Swift’s tag FILLED with hate and I find that wrong. Someone has gone even far enough to photoshop a picture of her “tweeting” saying: Fuck you directoners. Which Taylor Swift would NEVER do, she has gotten so much hate, death threats, etc lately. Just for going out with a boy who makes her happy? How is that not wrong? Look in the mirror If you’ve been hateful towards her, and imagine if that was you getting the hate and death threats thrown in your face. How would you feel? What has Taylor Swift EVER personally done to you for you to be so hateful? I want all use swifties to spread this post around, I want Taylor Swift to hopefully see this and know SHE is LOVED, by all her fans. That we are sticking with her through this all, and that she doesn’t deserve such hurtful things. I want us all to spread the love to Taylor Swift, because she is a human being and she doesn’t deserve this. No ONE ever deserves such bad and wrong things to be spread about them. Especially someone so kind, and full of light and such amazing energy. Let all us Taylor fans reblogs, I want this to get reblogged as much as possible to show how much we love and support her, no matter what she decides to do with her life. That we will stick by her side, we will defend her, we will support her, and in the end we will love her because she has been there for so many of us through music. I know whenever I had a bad break-up, I turned on her songs and It helped me through. Let us spread love to her for helping us through her music, for loving her as her fans and for being a all around good person. Spread the love to Taylor Alison Swift.

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